To revise the council's area committee structure to "Option 6".


by rollcall vote.





"The new boundary provisions for the next City Council elections will be implemented from June 2019. The number of Local Electoral Areas (LEAs) in Dublin City will increase from 9 at present to 11 (Six on the north side and five on the south side). There will be no change in the number of elected members which will remain at 63.

"The local electoral areas will be smaller with a maximum of 7 elected members in each. The biggest changes in boundaries refer to the amalgamation of Rathmines with Crumlin/Kimmage and the creation of a new area covering Whitehall/Artane, however no existing area is left fully unchanged.

"These changes have implications for our existing area committee boundaries that have been in place for the last 10 years. They will also have implications for our existing area management structures, but this does give us a welcome opportunity to review, re-define and enhance those management structures.

"This report concentrates on the area committee boundaries and once these are agreed then we can focus on the staffing arrangements to support those structures and implement same before the elections are held in May 2019."

There were six possible options for new structures. The first one proposed during the meeting was approved by a vote of the council: "Option 6: Five Area Committees, different permutation on the North side- Finglas, Ballymun on its own." There is more information on Option 6 the linked pdf of the report.