Supporting the development of a pilot scheme of 100% public, mixed-income housing on the O'Devaney Gardens site.


by rollcall vote.






The Council recognises the vibrant history of O'Devaney Gardens as a public housing community, and commits to maintaining the role of O'Devaney Gardens in providing high quality, affordable housing and community facilities within Dublin's Canals.

The Council furthermore accepts the role of the government, council and private developers in failing to deliver regeneration at O'Devaney Gardens, including Dublin City Council failing to honour written guarantees to numerous former residents that they could return to O'Devaney Gardens.

In light of this history, and considering the housing crisis which those on low- and middle-income households in Dublin, the Council supports the development of a pilot scheme of 100% public, mixed income housing on the O'Devaney Gardens site.

Under the scheme, all housing on the site will be built by and rented from the Council, with 50% of housing units rented at current differential rents to households currently on housing waiting lists, while 50% of housing units will be rented to households earning above the waiting list threshold, but with demonstrated housing need, and paying higher rents in line with their income.