To reverse councillors' May 2019 decision to block the sale of a council-owned site at 24 Harcourt Road and 1 and 2 South Richmond Street in Dublin 2, "having an area of 210sq.m or thereabouts", to Charledev Properties DAC for €1.4 million.


by rollcall vote.




"That Dublin City Council rescinds the motion made not to dispose of the site and resolves; That Dublin City Council notes the contents of Report No. 164/2019 and assents to the proposal outlined therein; And the motion has been signed by not less than twelve Members of the Council in accordance with standing order 30 of Dublin City Council."

Editor's Note: Although Green Party Councillor Ciarán Cuffe is listed as voting, he had actually left to serve as an MEP and been replaced by Janet Horner, who was co-opted during this meeting to replace him on the council, and cast the vote on this issue. Neither Dublin City Council's voting system nor this website has yet been updated to include Horner as a voter.